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I am an amateur/enthusiast photographer, although most who know me would agree with the first two, the photographer description is a little more dubious. Nontheless I have decided to inflict some of my output on the world instead of hiding it on my disk drive. My day job involves numbers and close analysis, which is probably why my hobbies do not. The first picture I ever took was, at the age of six through the rails of a ship, of Stromboli post eruption. My first camera was a Kodak Cresta, the big brother of the Brownie 127, followed by various others mainly Pentax. Moving into digital I settled on Olympus which is what I shoot with now.

I find it difficult to define my style, I doubt I have one. I shot a lot of candids when young but almost all my negatives got lost in the 1970's. Despite still liking street photography I tend to find it more intimidating these days. I guess eclectic is a good cover all, after all I just like taking pictures.